Research at Divecha Centre for Climate Change revolves around the tropical climate. In addition to the theme of understanding the monsoon and its variability, current faculty interests span a wide range of topics in the realm of atmosphere-ocean-climate sciences. These include : aerosol measurements and impacts, atmosphere-ocean-coupled general circulation and climate modeling, cloud physics, geophysical fluid dynamics, paleoclimate studies, physical-chemical-biological oceanography of the Indian Ocean, radiative transfer, satellite meteorology, space-time structure and scaling in geophysical fields, and tropical convection. The techniques employed in this research comprise of field work for data collection, laboratory experiments, numerical modeling and theoretical analysis. We are also involved in the continuous measurement of weather variables using the state of the art instruments both outside, and within the campus. A list of research topics with associated faculty members is provided below :


Anil Kulkarni

Renewable Energy

J Srinivasan

Aerosols and Their Impacts On Climate

Bala Chakraborty Satheesh

Atmospheric Boundary Layer Analysis


Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

Sengupta Sukhatme Goswami

Monsoon Variability And Predictability

Bhat Gadgil Chakraborty Sengupta Nanjundaiah Srinivasan Venugopal Ashwin

Numerical Simulation Of The Atmosphere-Ocean-Climate System

Bala Chakraborty Nanjundaiah Srinivasan Vinayachandran

Paleoclimate Studies


Physical-Chemical-Biological Oceanography

Sengupta Vinayachandran

Satellite Meteorology


Space-Time Structure And Scaling In Geophysical Data

Bhat Sengupta Gadgil Goswami Sukhatme Venugopal

Tropical Convection

Bhat Sengupta Gadgil Goswami Sukhatme

Climate Change Economics


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