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Pageviews from April 2013  

Climate Change Seminar

“The Bioeconomy (including bioenergy), Food and Climate Security”

Speaker    : Dr.  Jeremy Woods

                      Lecturer in Bio energy

                     Imperial College London

Venue       :   Auditorium,  Divecha Centre for Climate Change

Date          :   May 16 2013 , Thursday.          

Time          :   03 : 30 pm .

Click here to view the presentation document.


The two of the biggest challenges facing humanity include sustaining food production to feed 9 billion and to address climate change. Recent modeling studies show that bio energy is critical to address climate change and to  stabilize global warming <2 deg C. Can the world address both the challenges?  Will there be enough land for producing food, bio energy, timber, and to meet the land for infrastructure. What are the bio energy technological options available, what is the potential of these options to meet energy needs and  mitigate climate change?   

Is it possible to develop an integrated approach to land use planning for meeting the multiple demands? The talk will evaluate the various challenges  involved in developing an integrated systems view for delivering enhanced ecosystem services from land along with sufficient volumes of sustainable biomass for bio energy to address climate change.

All are Welcome