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Previous Events:

"Tenth Jeremy Grantham Lecture on Climate Change "New Insights from Climate Science and the future of the Paris agreement "-(November 23rd , 2016)

"Short Course on: Forecast Error Correction using Data Assimilation, July 4-15, 2016."

"Second Workshop on LOcal and Remote influences on Rainfall over India (July 18-19, 2016)"

"The Great Derangement Climate Change and the Unthinkable by AMITAV GHOSH(July 27th , 2016)"

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Previous Seminar:

Divecha Centre Seminars by Prof.Stefan Rahmstorf- "-(November 22-25 , 2016)

Divecha Centre Seminar on "NASA Earth Science Missions with a Focus on the Global Precipitation Measurement(GPM) Mission ",(November 16,2016)

Divecha Centre Seminar on "Global Water, the Anthropocene and the Transformation of a Science towards a Sustainable Water Future ",(September 14,2016)

Divecha Centre Seminar on "The Benefits of Connecting Science to Policy Makers",(September 12,2016)

Why the ?hiatus? in global mean surface temperature trends in the last decade? - Dr. G Bala